Stage Hypnosis Experience 2 - Halloween Party with Hypnotist Larissa
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Larissa Blackcomb Hypnosis Show (PG 13)

Do you find yourself fascinated with the stage hypnosis experience? Do you
always wanted to volunteer but never got the chance? Do you wonder what it
feels to be hypnotized on stage but don't want your friends to see you doing silly

Hypnotist Larissa will give you this once in a lifetime experience in the privacy of
your own home! Enjoy Amber's high potency hypnosis while knowing our clinically
graded code of ethics are carefully observed. This session is mix of silly stage
show humor with carefully designed direct suggestion.

This is a Halloween special hypnosis show, Hypnotist Larissa will make you do
all kind of freaky things on stage, at the comfort of your own home. Lots of body
control suggestions and triggers. What would Hypnotist Larissa make you do?
Turn you into a mannequin? Maybe a mystical animal? Maybe make you her
zombie? Turn you into her mindless minion and worship her like a queen? This
Halloween hypnosis show is balance between PG-13 family fun with science
fiction - zombie movie type of mind control. We don't want to ruin the surprise by
telling you too much, buy this hour long video now and enjoy stage hypnosis in the
privacy of your own room.

Hypnotist Larissa starts the show the same way a stage hypnotist would do,
making a few jokes, and finding a few volunteers. As she points her finger at you,
you feel compelled to go on stage. She proceed to hypnotize you with an eye
fixation induction, utilizing her golden pocket watch. She guides you through deep
relaxation with the calming sound of her voice, as she deepens her hypnosis over
your subconscious mind.

From there on, she takes you through a good number of silly stage suggestions.
Using stage hypnosis techniques, she make sure your mind is wide open to
accept any suggestion she gives you. She also leaves several triggers in your
mind, making sure you will come back to her show over and over, that you will
obey her commands even if you are not on stage, and that you will
subconsciously worship her Gothic beauty.  

At the end, Hypnotist Larissa will give you a few motivational suggestions,
helping you stay calm, relaxed and focused as you go back to work the next day.
So get ready for fun feel night of magic hypnosis! Please make sure you have
some free space around you before start the session, as she will have you out of
your chair the minute you go under Larissa's hypnosis!

Approximately 1 hour and 4 minutes.
Format: 720 HD MP4

Free Bonus video 1
Role Play Hypnosis: Roommate gently hypnotize you to sleep with
Hypnotist Larissa.

Role play hypnosis is a series of new concept hypnosis videos, featuring
therapeutic role play, ASMR (soft voice and whispering) and deep hypnosis. In
this session, Larissa plays your concerned roommate  with hypnosis skills. You
have you been working non stop for your graduate thesis, on top of that, your new
job is stressing you out. You haven't slept for days and your roommate knows it.
Larissa saw that you are really stressed about your life, and offers to hypnotize
you to help alleviate your stress, to clear the clutter in your mind, makes you feel
more confident, more focus at school, and to make you a better person, plus to
have some fun with your subconscious mind. At the end she puts you into a deep
sleep so you can wake up fresh the next day.

Approximately 25 minutes

Free Bonus Video 2

Role Play Hypnosis: Librarian gently hypnotize you to be quiet with
Hypnotist Maggie.

Approximately 12 minutes

Role play hypnosis is a series of new concept hypnosis videos, featuring
therapeutic role play, ASMR (soft voice and whispering) and deep hypnosis. In
this whispering hypnosis session, Maggie will play a librarian who is tired of your
attics at her library, she finally took action to hypnotize you to be quiet and obey
library rules. She will also use hypnosis to make you a good student and use your
time at the library to complete your assignment as well as studying hard for your
exams. You will be good boy for your librarian Maggie, won't you?

Free Bonus Video 3

Role Play Hypnosis: Gothic hypnotist brainwash you to be her zombie
with Hypnotist Oxanna

Approximately 23 minutes

Ever wonder what it feels like to be zombie? Spend all day in a totally mindless
bliss? This Halloween fantasy session is made for you! Become Hypnotist
Oxanna's sweet little zombie, enjoy the pure bliss of a mindless happy zombie!
This video will melt your brain, empty of your thoughts, and submit mindless to
beautiful Hypnotist Oxanna. Blissfully obeying her command without question.
Great clean experience to fill your mindless zombie fantasy needs. Hypnotist
Oxanna will keep you in a zombie state for 30 minutes after the session is over.

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this video from our site. Act now and get this video today!
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