Miss Tiffany's Lipstick Hypnosis Collection
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Warning, this seemingly innocent video will give you a lipstick fetish, and
overwhelming desire to see women putting on  lipstick, and an constant craving to
be kissed by lipsticked women.

Everybody loves cheerleader, except you, you keep ignoring Miss Tiffany, and she
wants your full attention. You thought she was bit too manipulative, too
controlling. You don't understand why all the boys in school worship Miss Tiffany.
Infact, you hate the way she treats your friends. Miss Tiffany is going to change
your mind by taking complete control. She walked in the boys locker room after
your physical education class, and starts swinging her pocket watch. You don't
believe what's happening, is she trying to hypnotize you? She keeps telling you
how sleepy you feel, how weak you really feel. Soon, you feel under her mind
control spell. Miss Tiffany proceed to take complete control over your mind, your
body and your soul. Miss Tiffany decide to give you fetish by brainwashing you.
She made you love women with lipstick, especially Miss Tiffany's lipstick. For the
rest of your life, you will be obsessed with a lipstick fetish, you crave to see
women putting on lipstick, you crave to see Miss Tiffany's lipstick coated lipstick
lips. Since Miss Tiffany gave you this fetish, she has full control over your mind.
This morning, you went to school as a clean cut religious boys, after spending 10
minutes with cheerleader Miss Tiffany, you are completely mind fucked into a
lipstick obsessed hard core fetishes. Your life will never be the same again.

Session is delivered skillfully in a softly spoken, sweet innocent, school girl tone.
Miss Tiffany is confident and assertive, yet she never raise her voice or use foul
language. Perfect for people who enjoys a strong psychological domination
without being yelled at or treated harshly. Approximately 13 minutes
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Cheerleader Hypnotize you to have lipstick fetish
Pink Lipstick Financial Domination
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Miss Tiffany caught you watching her applying her lipstick. Does that turn you on?
Turns out she knows all about your lipstick fetish, and she has you exactly where
she wants. As she twirl her lipstick, you became sleepy, mindless and hypnotized.
You will pay anything to have Miss Tiffany put on lipstick in front of you, you will
sign over your house, you will sign over your car, you will even give Tiffany access
to your bank account. All for a kiss. You cannot help it, this is your fetish, Tiffany's
lips is your fetish. Tiffany putting on lipstick drives you absolutely insane, you will
pay anything to taste this lipstick right now. You are under Miss Tiffany's complete
control, you will take her shopping, you will buy her anything she ever wanted.
You will buy Miss Tiffany anything she ask for, if you can only get one kiss from
these pink lipstick lips. Your mind is a slave to Hypnotist Tiffany's lipstick, your
body belongs to Hypnotist Tiffany and her lips. You can think of nothing else,
except giving all your have, for a chance to kiss Miss Tiffany's lips. Totally mind
fuck and financially dominated by Tiffany's pink lipstick lips. Approximately 13
Instant Download.
Season's Special

$9.99 USD
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$19.99 USD