Hypnotist Jessica McFinney; Bubble Gum Goddess
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
It is easy to dismiss Jessica's intellectual ability, a young, gum chewing, valley
talking blond
e girl. Most people take a look at her, and immediately classifies her
as a "bimbo". After listening to
Jessica's bimbo's talk for a few minutes, one
cannot help but to feel rather silly, air headed and driftly,it is as if Jessica's bimbo
mind is some what infectious. After listening to her for a few more minutes,one's
conscious mind became floatly and driftly, it is as if Jessica is talking directly
inside your
unconscious mind. In between her giggles and bimbo talk, Jessica
have no problem molding her
victim's mind more to her liking, and before you
realize you are actually being brainwashed, you are
already deeply under her
control, putty in her hand.
Your company is hiring a new intern, but the applicant is more than 2 hourslate!
When she finally shows up, you were not impressed. She is a young blonde
coed,speaks in a dumb valley accent, won't stop chew her gum. Without giving
her a second
thought, you decided to end the interview early.
Then she starts talking about how blonde girl can be dumb, and by looking at a

blonde girl, it also makes you dumb. She talks about chewing gum make her
dumb, but looking at her chewing gum, you also became dumb. Her words
beganto jumble up inside your mind, making it difficult for you to think. Before
yourealize what's going on, you are staring at Jessica, eyes glazed, mind blank,
andlistening intensely to Jessica's command.
Next thing you realize, you are on the floor, staring up at Jessica. As she

brainwash you continuously, you absolutely cannot look away from her
operagloved hands. Taking you even deeper under control.
The day went by like a haze. Without any conscious memory of what happened,
woke up on your floor, looking up at Jessica. As she you to look into hereyes,
she explain to you how you now her property, everything you
owns now belongs
to her.....
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