Doctor Kendra's Psychological Conditioning
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Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.

Warning; Hypnotist Kendra employed a number of highly advanced mind control
techniques. Once you start looking into her eyes and listening to the sound of
her voice, the conditioning cannot be undone.

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Kendra can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her Beverly Hills studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

Doctor Kendra is the type of psychologist with an ulterior motive. She set up her
practice in the financial district of new york city, under the pretense of psycho
therapy, she lures high net worth corporate executive into her clinic. The
moment you set foot into Doctor Kendra's office, you became her latest victim in
psychological domination. The moment she looks into your eyes, you begin to fall
into trance. Using the most advanced mind control method, she slowly breaks
down your barrier of resistance, she forces her will upon your mind, replaces
your thoughts with her command, molding you into her perfect slave. When the
"treatment" is over, you will be nothing but Doctor Kendra's drone. Your only
existence will be to serve Doctor Kendra.

This extended hypnosis session are three full days of intense psychological

Spoiler Ahead

Day One - Intense Humiliation

You came to see Doctor Kendra for help with your self esteem. The moment you
walked into Doctor Kendra's waiting room, you got this feeling that you are being
watched. Doctor Kendra have been studying you through her CCTV, observing
you, analyzing your every move. She knows what you are thinking. She knows
your weakness, she knows your insecurities, she knows how to push your
buttons. As soon as you sit down in her chair, she begins her mental assault.
Forget everything you ever wanted before meeting Doctor Kendra, from this
moment on, only what she says matters.  She forces you to look into her eyes, as
your personality starts breaking down, you can only repond by saying "Yes
Doctor Kendra". As she continues to humiliate you, destroying whatever self
esteem you have left, Doctor Kendra made you realized that you are addicted to
women's humiliation. She make you realize how you secretly wanted to be loser,
you secretly crave a dominate woman to take over you life. As your mind became
weaker and weaker by Doctor Kendra's mental domination, she forces you to
look deeper into her eyes, as you do, your mind became numb, your
consciousness fading, you find yourself drifting off into a hypnotic sleep...
Doctor Kendra's programing is just beginning. All you are able to whisper is
"Yes, Doctor Kendra" over and over again.

At the end of this session, Doctor Kendra makes you dream of her dominating
you, controlling you. She made you write her a large check for her service, and
she made you love it. She also makes you go to the wait area of her clinic, and
offer yourself to the service of her sectary, makeing you not only her slave, but
the slave to her assistant as well.

Day Two - Behavioural Conditioning

The next day, you have this irresistible urge to go back to Doctor Kendra. You
begged her secretary to let you see Doctor Kendra, and you don't care how much
it cost. Turns out Doctor Kendra is expecting you. She knows about your dream
last night, she knows about the dream where you were being controlled by
Doctor Kendra, you were totally helpless and submissive, the more you tried to
resist her control, the more control you gave up. As she explains how your
dream is what you secretly desire, she makes you look into her eyes again. As
you do, you become docile and hypnotized once again. She explains that she
used her skills as a psychologist to make you addicted to humiliation, she tells
you how she made you crave her control over you, she even tells you how she
hypnotized you to pay her thousands of dollars per session. But you cannot
voice your objection, you do not have permission to speak. You drift in and out
of a trance like state, where you hear yourself repeating Doctor Kendra's Mantra,
"I love it when Doctor Kendra brainwash me"
"I crave Doctor Kendra's mind control"
"I will pay any amount for Doctor Kendra's therapy"
As your mind being melted and conditioned. Doctor Kendra makes you open your
eyes again and look at her spinning pocket watch. Making you surrender
yourself to her control, emptying your mind, re programming your behaviours.
The incessant brainwashing just kept going, until you are nothing bur Doctor
Kendra's mind controlled drone.

At the end of this session, Doctor Kendra makes you dream of being her financial
slave, being her puppet, being her hypnotized drone. You can't stop your
craving for Doctor Kendra's "therapy". On your way out, you will walk to her
secretary, write her a check for  thousands of dollars, and offer to take her
shopping at Niemen Marcus and Gucci store. You will then follow her home and
be her domestic slave, obeying her every whip. You will forget serving her
sectary afterwards, but she has effectively made you a slave to her secretary as

Day Three - Mindless Domination

On the third day, you simply can't shake this craving to see Doctor Kendra again.
You need her voice, you need her command, you need please Doctor Kendra.
Doctor Kendra is expecting you, she started off by reminding you how spend all
night yesterday pleasing her secretary, how you kissed her rear and kissed her
shoes, and how you begged her to arrange this appointment. Turns out it was all
caught on CCTV, it also shows you signing a check for ten thousand dollars. You
felt alarmed by her comment, partly because you feel violated, partly because
you cannot remember what you have done. Just as you try to voice your opinion,
Doctor Kendra put a finger against your lips, and your mouth stays shut. You look
into Doctor Kenda's eyes and say "Doctor Kendra is always right". Even in your
hypnotized mind, you realized that you are completely at her disposal, you have
been brainwashed to devote your life to her pleasure, you have been hypnotized
to dedicate your paychecks to her clinic. Yet you cannot fight her spell as you
feel more powerless and lethargic. You simply cannot stop the hypnosis. As you
continue to look into Doctor Kendra's eyes and listen intensely to her command,
you feel your mind going blank, you feel your body going numb, all you are able
to repeat is "Yes, Doctor Kendra". Doctor Kendra then forces you open your
eyes again and look at her swinging pocket watch, as she hypnotize you yet
again. From this moment on, you are Doctor Kendra's slave, in the back of your
mind, you've signed a contract, you've became Doctor Kendra's property, you
belong to Doctor Kendra. Since she is everything to you, you have no need for
anything else in life, you will freely give up everything you own to Doctor Kendra,
you will go to work and excel in your job, pretending to be the person you were
before the sessions, but your new indenity is that of Doctor Kendra's slave. You
have no other purposes in life.

At the end of this session, Doctor Kendra will make you go up to her secretary
and write a check of one million dollars, as you write your check, you will
experience waves after waves of submissive pleasure washing over you. It feel
like Doctor Kendra's mind is inside your head, pushing your hand and fingers, it
is the deepest connection you've ever felt with any woman. You will also write a
"tip" to her secretary for one hundred thousand dollars, it is to thank her for
booking your appointment with Doctor Kendra, you will continue to serve her as
her domestic slave for as long as she wish. You will come back to Doctor
Kendra's office every tuesday, and have a reinforcing session, during which time
you will pay her every penny you earned. Doctor Kendra will even rent you out to
her lady friends who need a slave boy, as you obey their commands without
question, it will continue to remind you that you are a Doctor Kendra's property.
Each and every night, you will dream of being brainwashed by Doctor Kendra,
controlled by Doctor Kendra, obeying Doctor Kendra. You will also refer all your
wealthy and influential friends to Doctor Kendra, you will tell them how much you
love her session, you will tell them how your life is changed becaure of Doctor
Kendra. Your new purpose in life is to serve Doctor Kendra. Nothing but to
serve Doctor Kendra.

Warning; This is one of our darkest session ever, with very strong language and
very powerful mind control. It is no recommended for someone who wish to
experience FHRA hypnosis for the first time. We are no responsible for any brain
damage for destroyed egos.

Quality financial domination videos are often very expensive. Our survey shows
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Total Run time: 1 Hour and 10 minute.

Includes High Definition and Standard Definition footages. WMW format
Bonus Material (Limited time offer to first 50 costumer)
Madame Zoey 4; Zoey's Dark Side Excerpt 1
Madame Zoey 4; Zoey's Dark Side Excerpt 2
Hypnotist Lauren's Mini Session; "Financial Domination"
Hypnotist Tiffany's Pink Lipstick Kisses
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