Madam Zoey IV; Stage Hypnotist' Dark Side
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Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Warning: The "Madam Zoey IV; Stage Hypnotist's Dark Side" video deploys a
number of highly addictive hypnosis techniques. Once you start listening to the
sound of her voice, the conditioning cannot be undone.

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Zoey can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her South Beach studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

[spoiler alert]

You were never a believer of hypnotism, and when you received a mysterious
invitation to "Madame Zoey's Hypnosis Show", you couldn't helped but chuckle.
Nonetheless, you felt compelled to go. After seeing this blond girl talking for a
few minutes, you decided it's not worth your time, so you stood up and walked
towards the door. It was that precise moment Zoey called you out, made you
turned around and look at her. The moment you looked in to her eyes, she began
asking you questions in rapid succession, at first you didn't want to answer them,
but the way she talked you made you feel oddly placid, it is as if she is taking over
your mind and all you have to do is respond honestly back to Zoey. She kept
asking you questions before you have a chance to respond, soon, your mind
became overwhelmed by Madame Zoey's commanding words. It is as if your
thoughts were frozen until Zoey's voice unlock your mind again. You stood there,
motionless and mindless, on display as Zoey's word's mold your mind to her liking.
You are now completely under her control. To your horror, Madame Zoey decided
to punish you for walking out her show, with just a few soft whispers, your mouth
is wide open, your tongue hanging out, your eyes rolled up, frozen like a
mannequin, drooling like an idiot, mindless like zombie. Still on display for all the
ladies in the audience, the show has barely began.

Soon Madame Zoey made you open your eyes again, Madam Zoey made you look
at her spiraling finger, going round and round. Vaguely, you realize she's
hypnotizing you again. You tried to resist falling under her spell again, but with
passing minute, you feel more sleepy, more docile, more obedient. When you can
resist no longer, you close your eyes and fall under Zoey's hypnosis once again.
She  hypnotize again and again, taking away all your independent thoughts, until
you are completely obedient to her every wimp. She put on you on display,
turning you  into various animals. Humiliating you before all the ladies in
audience. In essense, Zoey wants to strips your mind of free will, that way, you will
be conditioned to carry out her commands long after show. After obediently
carrying out all of Zoey's command. Zoey told you to sleep, and darkness fall
before your eyes. before you completely loose consciousness, you hear Zoey
auctioning off the shows participants to the ladies in audience.

You open your eyes again, finding yourself no longer standing on stage, but
kneeing on the floor at Madam Zoey's dressing room. You realize that it was a
post hypnotic suggestion that brought you here. Zoey explain to you that when a
person is hypnotized, he will not only obey the hypnotist command on stage, but
he will continue to obey the hypnotist long after the show. She explains that this
will be conditioning session, for the next hour, you will be totally brainwashed.
She also explained that you were sold to a lady who enjoy having her foot
worshipped, and you will be brainwashed into having a foot fetish. You are
horrified that you've lost complete control to this young blonde girl, you will also
obey anyone Zoey sold you to. As Madam Zoey hypnotize you with her swinging
foot, she program your mind to return to her show over and over again, each
time, you will pay outrageous amount of money for ticket, and bring her
expensive gifts. You will do anything in your power to keep Zoey happy, and
protect your Madam Zoey at all cost. She command is buried so deep in your
unconscious part of your mind, that you are compelled to obey. Even though you
may not have conscious memory of why you love Zoey like goddess. To
demonstrate her absolute power over you, she turns you back into a mindless
zombie, completely enthralled, swearing your allegiance to your new Goddess
over and over again. When she finally became satisfied you are completely
brainwashed, she sends you out, but not home, the lady to whom she sold you is
waiting for you outside in a limo, your life as a obedient hypnotized toy has just

The production cost for this project is actually 4 to 6 times that of our previous
production. The much larger file size will also weight heavily on our bandwidth
cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat costumers who supported
Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give it away for a low low
price of $100 US Dollars.

But wait, Madame Zoey would like to thank you for your support, she would
like the first 50 costumers, who have supported her work in the past, to receive
her hour long, High Definition session for
only $49.99!

Total Run time: Approximately 56 minutes

Plus! Our first 50 clients will also receive the most extensive download package
in video hypnosis history. We will include with your purchase...

Madam Zoey IV - Stage Hypnotist's Dark Side - High Definition
Madam Zoey IV - Stage Hypnotist's Dark Side - Standard Definition (for slower

Lanie practice hypnosis in Milie

Sandra Hypnotized Susan

Moment with Hypnotist Caitlyn

Hypnotist Rebecca and Kelly recaptured a hypnoslave.

Due to recent restrictions on bandwidth, we are only able to maintain this offer
for the next few days. Please be advised that this offer is very limited.
$49.99 USD
(Process with
Madame Zoey
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