Madame Zoey III; Stage Hypnotist's Minion
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
You were invited by a girl you just met to attend the Madame Zoey's Hypnosis
Show. A blond young lady who billed herself as "Magican, Mentalist, Hypnotist".
It sounds like one of those scam show to blow through town, but you promised
this girl you'll be there, so you are here.

From the moment you walk into the small concert hall, you got this funny Deja' Vu
feeling that you've been here. As you look around, you vaguely remember faces
you've seen, but there seems to be a block in your memory, the harder you try to
remember what you need to remember, the harder it is for you to remember.

The women around you were smiling and giggling, some of them point fingers at
the men in the room, as if they are pieces of meat ready to be sold. A few of the
women were counting cash in their wallet. It seems strange, yet it is perfectly
normal. It is perfectly normal because a voice in your head told you so.

Then the light dim. This young blond girl came on stage and started to make
jokes. You found her oddly attractive, irresistible, alluring. As she talks, you
can't help but to listen to her... intensely ... droning on and on, as if her voice in
your head... inside your head...

After going through the motion of silly stage hypnosis attic, the real show
begins... As the true reason for your Deja Vu reveal itself, twos things are
certain; 1.) you won't remember anything afterwards 2.) It will happen again next

Synopsis: Too evil to give away

It was very expensive to retain Madame Zoey's services for this video. Seeing
telephone sessions can cost over 283 dollars per hour, and female hypnotist will
cost over $2200 - 5000 dollars for a program. "Madame Zoey III; Stage Hypnotist's
Minion" is only priced at 132.70 USD! That's only $3.31 per minute, and you can
watch this over and over again.  

Attention, Madame Zoey would like to appreciate her gratitude to all her fans,
the first 50 people who purchase can get it for $49.99. Includes both High
Definition (Full 1920 x 1080) and Standard definition (for more experienced

The FHRA wants to appreciate your patronage with some bonus footages for
your pleasure

In this package, you will get
Madam Zoey III; Stage Hypnotist's Minion Standard Definition
Madam Zoey III; Stage Hypnotist's Minion High Definition

FHRA Academy 3.3 with Hypnotist Nicole and Hypnotist Jennifer
Director's cut scene from Hypnotist Jennifer II; Babysitter's Command
Exclusive preview from FHRA Hypnotic Silky Legs II - Too hot for youtube

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