Hypnotist Mary Ann Lee - Realtor Hypnotized you to sign a contract
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
**Trance with benefit series.** Role playing hypnosis  with beneficial and
therapeutic suggestion to make you a better person. A gentle approach to
Femdom mind control, with the right amount of "you must obey me", "obeying all
my command","do whatever I tell you to do" and an controlling twist, ending with
suggestion that encourage you be a better person. Along with suggestions that
helps you feel more focus at work, more confident, go work out, feel more relax...
etc , Script written by professional stage mesmerist and ph.d level cognitive
neuroscientist It has no humiliation and no hard domination. All spoken in gentle
voice, never harsh or raising her voice.

In this hypnosis session, Maryann Li is your  real estate agent. She is a gorgeous,
confident asian realtor you see pictures all over town, with an out going, sweet
heart personality. You saw her business card all over town, and you even saw her
pictures on bus stop and train stations.

You decide to look her up, while you are not quite sure if you want to commit to a
property yet. Maryann took the time to show you a few properties, after a long day
of business, you realize she’s been doing most of the talking, while you
subconscious mind did all the listening. When you got back to her office, Maryann
notice how stressed out you seems, she knows exactly what would make you feel
better, she pulls out of pocket watch, and ask you look at it as she swings it back
and forth. As you listen to the sound to her voice, you became sleepy, tired, and
soon, you drift into a deep hypnosis trance state.

Maryann has a way to succeed, she studied hypnosis in Thailand and Japan.  This
is how she was able make anyone buy anything she commands.  Maryann
factionaize your trance state by waking you up and putting you under her spell,
each time you go into trance, you go deeper under her control. Maryann makes
you repeat obedient mantra over and over again, and make you pledge loyalty to
her. She makes you trust her to make all financial and money  decision for you. She
left you with a number of post hypnotic triggers, including a special phrase to
make you go  back under her sleepy control whenever she wants. She also make
you crave her trance and sleepy spell, and make you obsessed with her beauty.  

All this happening in her real estate office. At the end, under her power of
suggestion over you, she makes you sign an exclusive agreement, she also leave
a post mesmerize trigger, you will now sign whatever paper she put in front of you.
You will not question, you will just obey.  You are now your realtor’s financial slave.
All this time, Maryann leave you many therapeutic and beneficial suggestions, like
more confident, better with money, perform better at work. Mary ann wants a
financial slave who is successful, that way you can be her money slave for years to

Perfect for hypnotfetishist who enjoys the realism of  realtor fantasy with a "what
if" relationship sort of way
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