Hypnotist Ashley 2: Student's Foot Control
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Hypnotist Ashley Carson is a highly skilled hypnotist who will hypnotize you with
her eyes, her pendent pocket watch, her shoes, boots and feet. Her school girl
charm and her innocent giggles will turn your brain into mush before you know
what hits you.

Over one hour of bare foot fetish, high heel dangling, real catholic school
uniform, and pocket watch hypnosis.

Hypnotist Ashley re traces her step on how she was admitted to graduate school
of psychology at yale university. Ashley hypnotized the dean who refused her
admission and decide to humiliate her for being a practitioner of Hypnosis .
Ashley, in her bubbly innocent demonour, pulls out a pocket watch and dared
the dean to look at it swings back and forth. Soon, the non believer fall under
her mind control spell .

After Ashley hypnotized the dean into obeying her every command, School girl
Ashley strengthens her control over him by hypnotizing him with her dangling
high heel. She then implants the suggestion into his brain so he will be a shoe
fetishist. Since she gave he the fetish, she is in control of all his desire. He
became totally under her power now, there is no escape.

Ashley decide to extend her power over you permanently, by turning you into
her sweet doggy pooh. Making you focus on her barefeet, instilling a new fetish
for school girl's feet. In your totally hypnotized state of mind, you are totally
dependent on Ashley's voice and command, at the same time, you are totally
aware of her control. What a reversal of fortune, just an hour ago, you were the
dean of psychology at Yale, now you are just a hypnotized mush , totally under
the control of this school girl in front of you. You are totally under Ashley's
control, there is no escape.

From now on, Ashley Carson will be in total control. She will take everything
from you. You will be just a puppet. Ashley's foot puppet.
Over an hour of high heel and bare foot hypnosis  action.

The brainwashing is so strong that we only recommend this video for the
people who are willing to give up everything they ever own to worship such
beautiful features. But then again, if you ever had any experience with us, you
know every inch of our hypnotists were designed for your unadulterated

Just like our previous collection, our video will make you not only submissive
to Ashley Carson, but to all women. Such that, by watching this video over and
over again, you are submitting yourself to be programmed with our female
supremacist doctrine.... now... you've been warned.

Attention: Seasonal value saving! The first 50 people who decide to lay down
their life and worship Ashley's High Heels, Boots and feet, can get the videos at
less than half price. Due to bandwidth limitation this offer is extremely limited.
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Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
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