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When you walked into office last week, you noticed a new lady boss. Your old
boss was no where in sight. You noticed this lady at a corporate party once
about a month ago, she seemed to got on with your old boss, and that was the
last time you saw your boss.

Of course the new boss lady is just a tad too domineering for your taste. You do
not believe she can lead your company, and you do not agree with any of the
decisions she made.

That didn't sit too well with Lady Hanna. On your way to your office, you notice a
few of your fellow executives were behaving strangely, most have a dumb
simile on their face or a glassly look in their eyes. What suprised you was to see
Lady Hanna in your office...

There are three parts of Hypnotist Hanna III. Hypnotist Hanna first cross and
uncross her legs to take you into a hypnotic trance, she then uses the motion of
her legs to mold your mind to her liking. After you became totally docile and
open to suggestion, she hypnotically burns her command into your brain with
her nyloned feet. A new production philosophy emphasized a "static camera"
principle, with minimum view point distraction, it was designed to maximize the
video's re-watch value.

Not only do we use the most advanced technology in hypnosis and mind control,
not only do search the world to find you the most talented female hypnotist out
there. We also want to keep the hypnosis experience affordable, as we want you
to keep falling under our hypnosis spell over and over again. Normal hypnosis
session can cost somewhere between 120 dollars to 300 dollars per hour, and
good luck finding someone as beautiful and as talented as Hypnotist Hanna.

Priced at 99 US dollars, Hypnotist Hanna is approximately 1.99 per minute of high
definition hypnosis video. If you were to watch this video once a day for the
next three weeks, it only comes down to 4.7 dollars a day. That is less than the
price of a beer.

For the first 50 people to purchase Hypnotist Hanna III, you can own Hypnotist
Hanna III HD for only $49.99. Footages are available at the instant download
format. This is a limited time offer. When we released Hypnotist Jennifer, our
bandwidth was totally overwhelmed. It is unlikely we can maintain this price for
Hypnotist Hanna III  $49.99
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
Click here if you are from Europe, or have difficulties with the night flirt payment process system.  
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