Hypnotist Vanessa London II - Step sister's lipstick kisses
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Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.

Warning; Hypnotist Vanessa employed a number of highly advanced mind control
techniques. Once you start looking into her eyes and listening to the sound of her
voice, the conditioning cannot be undone.

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Vanessa can charge if she decide to
practice out of her Park street studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

Hypnotist Vanessa is the kind of gorgeous young lady you just can't look away. The kind
of girl with such full pouty lips you simply cannot resist. Maybe she reminds you of the
first time you saw a full lip woman put on make up. Maybe she reminded you of a high
school teacher who wore too much lipstick, and always leave a lipstick print on her
coffee mug. Maybe she reminded you of a high school classmate who wore bright
colored lipstick just to be a rebel. Maybe she reminded you of that cousin with the
perfectly painted lips at a family but you were too afraid to stare at her.  Vanessa knows
about your lipstick fetish, and as soon as she caught you looking at her lips, she knew
she got you.
(spoiler alert) It is the holiday season, your billionaire father suddenly announces he is
getting remarried. His new bride to be? A lowly pharmacist, twice divorced with a young
daughter who's nothing but trouble. Considering your dad's playboy reputation and his
wealth, you simply don't understand why he would get involve with women of a lower
class. Today, you meet your step sister, Vanessa London, a perky full lipped girl who
wears way too much lipstick. The minute she walked into the door, she announces that
she's taking over your room, and you'll just have to move down the servant's quarters.
She has already talked to your dad and he had no choice but to agree. Just as you try to
voice your objection, Vanessa start  applying her lipstick in a hypnotic fashion. She
then slowly explain to you that she always get what she wants. As you stare at her
painted lips, your mind slips into a purple haze. Have you ever wonder why your dad
will do anything Vanessa says? Have you ever wonder why he will do anything for her?  
Isn't it strange that he has a big lipstick print on his cheek all the time? The same color
of lipstick as Vanessa wearing right now? Who is really in control here? Is it possible
that Vanessa is wearing a mind control drugged lipstick? Are you being hypnotized by
Vanessa right now? Before you can react to the realization, Vanessa gives you a big
creamy kiss on your cheek.
Your mind faded as Vanessa giggles, laughing at your vacant stare, your glassy eyes,
your empty mind. As you struggle to hold on your last bit of free will, Vanessa keeps
kissing you, reapplying her lipstick, programs your mind, explains just how much
control she has over you and your family fortune, and kissing you again and again. Until
your mind totally melt away by her lipsticked kisses. From this moment, you are your
step sister's brainwashed, lipstick slave.

Approx 30 minutes.

Bonus Material - included in your purchase (approx 8 mins)
(Limited time offer to first 25 costumers)
Hypnotist Lilith's Lipstick addict
Lilith caught you watching her apply lipstick, normally a girl may consider calling
the authority or at least your mother for perving on her this way, but Lilith have a
better idea. She starts twirling her lipstick round and round as she invite you to
look at her apply lipstick. As your eyes became tired and heavy, she began to
hypnotize you to obey her lips. She will make you totally addicted to her lipstick,
that you will become a slave to her lips. Do not watch this video unless you crave
to become Lilith Lipstick Addict. We wave all mental health responsibility.

Step sisters mesmerize you with pocket watch (approx 2 mins)
(Hypnotist Sandra and Hypnotist Susan)
It's thanksgiving, you are forced to do the family gathering again. Imagine yourself
walking into your step sister's room after being away from college. Those spoiled little
brats who keep taking your stuff, and humiliate you at every oppurtunity. Susan and
Sandra are all grown up, even though you never like them, you find youself blushing
everytime you stare their way. The moment you walk into the door you find your step
sisters waiting for you with thier pocket watch. At that instance you remembered that
they are now studying psychology in college, but it's too late. As Susan and Sandra
swings their pocket watch, you find yourself feeling very sleepy, very tired. You need
to run away, but you can't. you just keep watching the pocket watch as you surrender
your will. Obeying your step sister's every command.

High Heel Hypnosis (approx 4 mins)
(Hypnotist Millie)  
You woke up from a trance under the foot of a woman's house. You can only vaguely
remember her, she's college aged, she speaks in an accent, and she is a psychological
sadist. You remember her trying to hypnotize you before, something about making you
her house slave forever. Right now, she's giving you  one chance to escape. All you
have to do is avoid getting hypnotized again, all you have to do is look away from her
twirling toes. but you can't do that, can you? Prepare to surrender to her hypnotizing
heels once again
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