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Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Accepts all major credit cards
$ 49.99 USD
Just when they are comparing their skills, you happen to walk into their
dorm room. The girls would like to do them a favor, look into their eyes
and see who's the better mentalist? First, you will have to decide who
have the more mesmerize eyes, Mentalist Caityn's ice blue eyes? or
Mentalist Hazel's emerald green eyes? The most difficult part of this
challenge is to keep your own eyes open while listening to the two young
female Mentalist telling you how sleepy you feel as you look into their
eyes. Then you'll have to decide which mentalist is more skillful with
controlling a person with their pocket watch. You will have to stay awake
long enough just to response to their question, try not be influenced by
their voice... try to resist the sleepy sensations... try and you cannot, try
and you cannot... Lastly, the two mentalist will ask you to decide who is
better at enchanting you with their twirling fingers, but by the time now,
your brain is too mushy to even formulate a thought, all you can do is just
stare helplessly at the tip of her fingers as she gives you suggestions and
commands. Once you are totally under their spell, they reveal their truly
evil agenda. Turning you into their mindless servant and making you give
them everything you own.