Hypnotist Nicole V; Teacher's Command
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Warning: The "Hypnotist Nicole V; Teacher's Command" video deploys a number
and listening to the sound of her voice, the conditioning cannot be undone.

Considering the going rate of a top notch hypnotist ranges from 120 to 300
dollars per hour, and their rate keep going higher and higher as they became
ever more popular. At that price, it is still totally worth the budget. Yet how
many female hypnotist in the world would entertain this idea of Femdom

How much do you think a Hypnotist like Nicole can charge if she decide to
practice out of  her South Beach studio? 300, 400? 500 dollars?

Hypnotist Nicole Williams recently got a job as a teacher at a prestigious school,
the students are well known for their wealthy family connections. Many of them
are  endowed with trust funds close to the sum of a small nation. When young
people hold that much financial power, they naturally govern themselves in an  
arrogant manner. Arrogance does not sit well with authority, lately, you have not
been following your teacher's orders. Nicole's mission is to change your attitude.

You were called to detention on a Friday afternoon, in this almost empty staff
room, Miss Williams was waiting for you. She informed you that you were doing
very poorly in her class, unless you start doing whatever she tells you to do, you
were to going fail. Knowing that you will lose your trust fund in the event that you
don't graduate, Miss. Williams had you by your collar.

She then informs you that your problem starts with your disdain for authority, and
in order to give you an attitude adjustment, she has received permission to keep
you in detention for as long as she deemed necessary. She informed you that the
doors are locked, and phone calls had been made to your family, there is no way
out of this detention room.

As you try to get off your chair, Miss Williams grabs your uniform and forced you
to look at her. Surprised by your teacher's strength, you quickly question your
physical ability, you feel a sense of weakness overwhelming you. You then made
the mistake of looking into Miss Williams' eyes... Miss William's deep hypnotic

The moment you look deep into your teacher's eyes, you feel dis oriented, you
feel helpless, you feel as if you are loosing control. You hear Miss Williams voice
whispering into your ears, but you cannot make out what she was saying to you.
Occasionally, words flashes before your mind's eyes, words like "your new desire
to submit to authority", or "Miss Williams have all control, you have no control",
or "totally devoted to your teacher", you would normally try to fight such mental
invasion, but you were too hypnotized resist the onslaught of commands.

The brainwashing continues throughout the long weekend, just when you gain a
sense of awareness, you were quickly put back under hypnosis. Just when you
gain an ounce of free thought, it was quickly stripped away. Just when you gain
an inch of mobility, your body were quickly frozen. Miss Williams had you perform
a number of humiliating tasks while under hypnosis, when doing so, she
completely mode your behaviour to her desire.

At the end, Nicole condition your mind into a state of permanent devotion to her.
She made you into her a very good boy, as you love her so deeply, you will do
anything to please her. She then explain how she've tricked you into the
detention room, but in this state of absolute devotion, you are only happy to be
at her feet, worshipping her every move. Looks like you are going to get your
trust fund after all, but it will all be under Nicole's control.

Because you have no control.

Nicole has all control.  

The production cost for this project is actually 4 to 6 times that of our previous
production. The much larger file size will also weight heavily on our bandwidth
cost. But since most of our clients are loyal repeat costumers who supported
Femdom hypnosis from day one, we are willing to give it away for a low low
price of $100 US Dollars.

But wait, Hypnotist Jennifer would like to thank you for your support, she would
like the first 50 costumers, who have supported her work in the past, to receive
her hour long, High Definition session for
only $49.99!

Total Run time: 1 hour plus.

Plus! Our first 50 clients who have purchased Hypnotist Jennifer, and Hypnotist
Jennifer II, and Hypnotist Roommates II, they will also receive the most extensive
download package in video hypnosis history. We will include with your purchase...

Hypnotist Nicole V; Teacher's Command - High Defintion
Hypnotist Nicole V; Teacher's Command - Standard Definition (for slower

Hypnotist Tiffany; Lipstick Worship - close to 8 minutes long clip
Hypnotist Lauren- Doggie trance- where Lauren Hypnotize you to be her dog. -
FHRA Academy 6.3 where Anna hypnotized Caitlyn for her psychology paper, then
as she caught you watching, proceed to put you under her power as well.

Exclusive Preview of Hypnotist Nicole - "Trust Me"

Due to recent restrictions on bandwidth, we are only able to maintain this offer
for the next few days. Please be advised that this offer is very limited.