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Two college coed posted an ad in the wall street journal looking for a wealthy
person to share their luxury condo. Unbeknowst to the poor victim, they are actually
looking for someone to clean their condo, pamper them, buy them everything they
need, and of course, pay the rent.

With their degrees in advance psychology, they can easily brainwash anyone to do
anything they want, if only they can lure wealthy man into their trap, the two girls can
keep their victim in trance state everyday. Every waking moment that the poor
roommate is not at work, he would be under the spell of these two college girls.
Effectively turning the victim into a full time, live in financial slave, who had no
other purpose than serving their every whim, obeying their commands like a
zombie. It would be easy because nobody would suspect two pretty girls can control
their lives and their money

The video start off with a seemingly normal roommate interview, then through state
of the art conversational convert programming, they tricked you into a deep
mindless trance state by carefully creating anchors and triggers without your
knowledge and without your permission. Infact, they entered your mind even before
you can put up a defense. They slowly condition the viewer into a sleepy dream like
state. In this dream like state, you would sign anything. They handed you a mystery
and you signed without ever reading it or knowing what's in it.

Later, upon realizing the contract you've signed, you've decided to confront the
girls, only to be mentally dominated even deeper by their swinging jewelry. The two
college coed tricked you into an eye fixation induction, where they covertly swing
their expensive Tiffany necklace like a mentalist's pocket watch. You realize what's
happening but it's too late. You can't resist their control. They made you do all kinds
of humiliating things like a stage mentalist would do their stage subject. You were
so trance out that you must obey all their command, completely humiliated to have
no control when two girls gave you a command you.

To ensure your loyalty, the girls will further reduce your brain into a puddle of mush,
so much so that your thoughts will be completely dependent on their command.
They their way into your mind and rearranged your brain. The more you try to resist,
the  more they took control. They make you repeat brainwashing mantra over and
over again until  your brain became completely fried. The two girls turned you into a
completely mind controlled zombie, completely devoting your life to serve the two
goddess as their financial slave.

Just earlier that day you were interviewing for roommates, now you are completely
brainwashed slave.  

WARNING: The psychotechology employed in this video is so intense, it will
completely rewire your brain into the college girl's control. The brainwashing is
permanent. Do not buy this clip unless you are willing to live the rest of your life as
a financial slave for these two mentalist. You will be to into a life time of
servitude.There is no way to undo the effect.

40 minutes plus