Hypnotist Kendra IV; Forgive and Forget
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
Hypnotist Kendra IV is the ultimate feminization brainwashing video. Kendra is
your girlfriend, the kind whom are often left to do the chores without a word of
appreciation. One day she decided to study hypnotism with the FHRA, but you
object; "Women's place is at home", you says. As you try to break up with her
over her non traditional behaviour, Kendra urge you to forgive her, and she
urges you by making you focus on her swinging pocket watch...

Kendra thinks you simply have too much control over the relationship, and
since you so firmly believe that female should be submissive and obedient, she
decides to feminize you with hypnosis. She doesn't turn you outright into a
woman, because you don't deserve that, she forces you to act feminine,
changes your memory to make you believe that you always acted like a sissy
boy, and program your mind to be submissive and obedient towards Kendra.
She is about to take control of your mind, body and all your possession, but the
feminization hypnosis makes sure you can never object to anything Kendra says.

There are 3 parts of this video, the first part, Kendra hypnotizes you with her
pocket watch, the second part would have Kendra condition your mind with the
spiralling brainwashing machine, the third part will have Kendra programming
your mind with your eyes fixated on the waving motion of her hands.

There are also two versions of the video, the first version is the traditional
level eye view, the second version will focus on the beautiful legs of Kendra.
Upon meeting Kendra, one would immediately notice Kendra's strong, muscular
yet highly feminine and smooth legs.

Attention, the first 50 costumers receive a 20 dollar discount on each of the
version, it will be available at $39.99 each

Once again, due to the high bandwidth concern, we will not be able to keep this
deal going for long. We might have to discontinue HD footages by the end of
the month. As some of you have already noticed, Hypnotist Maeve and
Hypnotist Nadiya's material are no longer available due to bandwidth
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Instant Download.
$49.99 USD
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