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Hypnotist Kimberly HD $49.99
Rumor had been going around that Kimberley, your new 19 yeas old
co worker, has been going around the office and brainwashing
everybody into her work slave. She was cute when you hired her, but
when you see her putting people under with her pocket watch, your
thought this might be getting out of hand. When you confront her,
instead of pulling out her golden pocket watch, she you to look into
her eyes. She rapidly strip your mind out of your head, you into a mind
controlled submission. You find yourself unable to resist losing total
control this raven haired bossy girl. Find yourself rapidly loosing your
free will, loosing your personality, loosing all control, as Kimberly wipe
your mind clean of all thought, and proceed to program you to obey
her, and only her. Feel your mind totally dominated by this most
advanced mesmerize technique.

This is very different from the just relax and rest type of mesmerize. It
uses very advanced mind control technique that makes you feel
completely powerless and submissive and controlled. This video is
meant to make you over powered. Simply superior language, delivered
by a highly educated, highly trained mentalist.

50 minutes plus