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Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
Female Hypnotist Video at it's very best.
We were enjoying ourselves and catching up on old times; like who we hypnotized lately...
silly things we made our hypnotized subjects do... newest brainwashing tricks we learn
hypnotized pet buy from the latest Victoria secret catalog... as the chatter went on, one of
our most talented female hypnotist, Hypnotist Sarah, got really excited and offered to
demonstrate her newest technique.
hypnosis videos in the world? That is why whenever we the Female
Hypnotist Revolution Alliance create a project, it's always more than just a
Hypnotist Sarah was hired by your girlfriend to teach you some respect.
Her mission is simple, to hypnotize you into being an air headed bimbo;
that by the end of this session, you will not be able to think for yourself;
you will only be to think what Sarah wants you to think, do what Sarah
wants you to do,  feel what Sarah wants you to feel. Be warned: This
brainwashing process is so powerful, that you better stay away unless
you want to be completely hypnotized and helplessly obeying every blond

Not only do we use the most advanced technology in hypnosis and mind
control, not only do search the world to find you the most talented female
hypnotist out there. We also want to keep the hypnosis experience
affordable, as we want you to keep falling under our hypnosis spell over
120 dollars to 300 dollars per hour, and good luck finding someone as
beautiful and as talented as Sarah.

The video features two camera viewpoint approach, one is eye to eye level
viewpoint, where Sarah is looking at you as if you are sitting on a chair
across from her. The other video viewpoint is the "puppy eye view"  It is
as if you are kneeling on floor, looking up at Sarah as she takes pleasure
molding your mind. Due to high bandwidth demand, we need to sell the
videos separately. However, for a limited time, we will include both "puppy
eye view" and "level eye view" video for the price of one.

Our pricing is very comparable to most hypnodomme's mp3 products. For
a limited time until our bandwidth demand became overload, the Price for
instant download for both videos is $59.99.

But Since we appreciates your support so much at our absence, we
would like to lower the price to $49.99 for the first 50 people who sponsor
this video. Thank you very much for your continuous support.

The puppy eye view features 37+ minutes of footages, eye level view
features 36+ minutes of footages. Combine to give you more than an hour
of luxury quality hypnosis experience.
Hypnotist Girlfriend Order Information.
Hypnotist Sarah Instant
Download. $49.99
(.wmv format)
$59.99 S&H included.

(Please send us email
(fdhypnosis@yahoo.com) buy
the DVD)
"Hypnotist Girlfriend" takes Sarah's Hypnosis skill one step further, not
woman. Combining a new pendant induction with Sarah's induction, same
induction script in Hypnotist Sarah, Catherine's script are new additions.
brainwashed into being a blond bimbo girl, there is nothing you can do to
resist it from happening. The video runs for approximately 40 minutes.

Special Bonus!

As a bonus to ordering "Hypnotist Girlfriend" We will also include a series
of short scenes. They are mostly female hypnotists playing around with
hypnosis during their training days. Contains 4 extra cut screen. The
bonus footages runs for approximately 30 minutes. Due to bandwidth
concerns, we will only be able to offer the bonus material for a limited time.

Since the video contains Hypnotist Sarah's induction, you must first
purchase a copy of Hypnotist Sarah before you are eligible to purchase
"Hypnotist Girlfriend". The "how to order instructions" will automatically
be available once "Hypnotist Sarah" had been purchased. It is priced as
the same as Hypnotist Sarah.
Hypnotist Girlfriend  
Instant Download. $49.99
(.wmv format)
Hypnotist Girlfriend  DVD
$59.99 S&H included.

(Please send us email
(fdhypnosis@yahoo.com) with
your address when you buy the
(Process with niteflirt.com)
Accepts all major credit cards
Accepts all major credit cards
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Hypnotist Girlfriend
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Hypnotist Sarah; Bimbo Maker by fdhypnosis
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