What people are saying about "Hypnotist Hanna"
Excerpts from our yahoo group.
Thank you for everybody who wrote :)
Hanna is a natural hypnotist! She's like "WOW" for lack of a better word! I love the way she
gazes at you with her eyes and speaks to you without even saying anything. But with her
eyes she seems to whisper "I have you under now, and you cannot escape my grasp, you
may want to but you can't" and she'll flash that amazing powerful GRIN!!!!! She's quite a

This is a serious compliment. I started to develop a definite buzz after 20 seconds
-- which is very surprising for its length. Going back and reviewing the video and
her performance more critically it was still quite good. She manages to keep good
eye contact, and her smile just at the end is a real tease -- I hope that was
intentional. She gives an impression of somebody who expects it to work, is still
surprised that it works, and is delighted that it is working. No distracting
mannerisms. … Any would be lucky to fall into her spell, and thanks to you fd
ladies many will get the chance.

Absolutely fantastic... We obey Hanna. We belong to Hanna. Tell Her if
she ever needs two London based subbies who'd fall under for her at
the click of her fingers she can always email us!

She is a glamour Goddess indeed. I love the way She wears make-up. I
would love to see Her applying it and, does She likes to wear perfumes?
What is Her favorite?

Wow, Hanna is an enchanting beauty. I am already under her spell. … I think Hanna just
might be able to persuade me to sign my mortgage over. LOL Love those
sultry eyes of her......."the better to hypnotize you with my dear"

hello to everyone,
i had tried the hypnotist Hanna induction and i must admit at first i
was little skeptic! i really loved the Mistress Lisa induction, She
is really great and I’m still deeply under Her powerful control, as
She's the most wonderful and sexy woman on the world! i'm Yours to
obey Lisa, i will work hard for You and please You in every way!!!!!
so...i was saying, it was difficult for me to think to be hypnotized
again after this great experience i'm continuing to have every day,
but i was so curious and i ordered the Hanna induction. and i have to
admit that when it began, as she started to swing the golden watch,
it was impossible to resist her words and she put me under really
easily!! i must admit the first induction put me in a light trance,
but i kept on experience it in the next days and every time it became
stronger...and stronger...with her irresistible pocket watch...her
soft, velvety voice...and her dominant snap of fingers! she really
lead me into such a great experience!! thank you Mistress Hanna! i
will keep on training myself everyday with your session in order to
condition my mind to serve you in the best way! as i'm already doing
for Gorgeous and Lovely Mistress Lisa!
thank you...to all of you, Mistresses, for this wonderful site and
this marvelous group! i will always support the FHRA..i will always
work hard and do my best to help the FHRA! i will always trust You
and do my best for the site and the group!
thank you again

I was instantly entranced by those long legs and beautiful
eyes. That is the type of vision that brought me into fdhypnosis.

Wow... I'm in awe already. She's so beautiful and so scary. I'm
drawn to her though I know she'll destroy me. Ohhhhhhh man...

oh goddess! This woman is in fact very dangerous,
powerful and beautiful ! I love danger and beauty and
I dream about being hypnotized from a beautiful Lady !

very, very good video....
impossible not to surrender...

i was searching for hypnosis material on-line and stumbled on
the FHRA. At first glimpse of Lisa and Hanna, i was stunned. i now
believe in remote hypnosis. Lisa, You are blonde and blue eyed
perfection. i know soon Lisa and Hanna will train an army of Femdom
Enchantresses that will enthrall, program, and enslave us all. may i
grovel at their thrones when their hypnotic conquest is complete.
Thank You for Your beauty.

I bought Hanna's videos as soon as they became available and once
again was blown away by the speedy, professional service. Literally a
couple of minutes after sending my payment via PayPal I received an
email with the download link. What I got was equally impressive: I
really appreciate having access to both high quality and standard
versions of the videos. I've downloaded every single file to compare
them; I hope that didn't take up too much of your bandwidth.

So far I've only watched the "puppy eye view" version and boy was I
impressed! As soon as the video began I nearly fainted in ecstasy! You
see, in addition to hypnosis I've got a penchant for legs… and here I
was staring up at a beautiful hypnotist showing off her gorgeous legs.
It took a while to recover from the initial shock and make sure I
hadn't died and gone to heaven. ;)

I love everything about Hanna -- she has this subtle air of mischief
that is exactly what I've always fantasized about in an "evil" female
hypnotist. The challenge of trying to resist the induction also really
appealed to me. Her voice is perfect as well; she was confident yet
playful enough to put me at ease and go along with what she was saying
right from the start. I can't believe this was Hanna's first time in
front of the camera; she must indeed be a natural at this!

On to the induction itself: I might not have gone as deep as I did
with Lisa, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Now keep in mind I'm not
criticizing anything here, I'm merely describing what works and does
not work for me personally. I'm afraid that inductions using props,
such as swinging pocket watches or pendants, are not as effective on
me as just concentrating on the beautiful hypnotist herself, or parts
of her body. For instance, the most effective part of Lisa's induction
was focusing on her circling finger.

I think that if I had been concentrating on Hanna's beauty rather than
the pocket watch I might have gone much, much deeper. But that's just
my particular situation; I realize that everyone will have different
preferences and it's impossible to please everybody with one video.

My favorite part of this induction has to be Hanna repeating "back,
forth" in that teasing, seductive voice of hers. I was already putty
in her hands at that moment. I also liked being encouraged to forget
-- or at least not entirely recall -- the induction. Admittedly that
did not work for me in this case, probably because I did not go as
deep as I would have liked to, but I definitely love the idea.

In closing I just wanted to emphasize how much I appreciate what the
Femdom Hypnotist Revolution Alliance is doing for us femdom hypno
fetishists. I've been searching the net for years for what precious
little material there is to be found, but I never thought I'd come
across something quite like this. The F.H.R.A. seems to completely
understand this fetish, and our desire to surrender to a beautiful
woman's hypnotic charms, like nobody else can.

Thank you F.H.R.A., Hanna and Lisa! You've got yourselves a loyal
follower for life. :)

Cheers from Italy,
Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance